Title: The partly-demolished Malt-house

There is no actual location indicated on this sketch although Eric was living in Broseley town, Shropshire, at this time and the signs at the top of the building indicate "John Burnet & Son". The parish register of 1871 records that there was a John Burnet & Son, Grocer, High Street, Broseley listed and so it may be safe to assume that Eric was just a few steps from home.

Based on this, the fact that the road is quite flat and that the railings indicate a communal area I am going to make a semi-educated guess that this was sketched from the town square and that the building location is now a small car-park at the bottom end of the High Street where the old chip shop used to be (the one that was burnt down). The chimneys of the two buildings in the background tend to give credence to this hypothesis but if anyone has any further thoughts then please let us know.

9 1/2" x 7"
Pen & ink with water-colour
Archive ref.:
Book 1



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