A little about Eric

Eric Hallett was born in Lancashire in 1897 but moved to Shropshire in 1926. Professionally he was a chemist but in his spare time his great love was touring the countryside, sketching as he went.

His early work was done when he lived in Lancashire and in those days he toured on his trusty bicycle (which he often included in his sketches). Later, after he had moved to Shropshire, he was able to tour further afield having then acquired a motor car.

He enjoyed many different genres of art, particularly drawing scenes in pen and ink, and he was a fine draughtsman, being meticulous in recording the buildings and views as he explored. Most of the pictures were carefully annotated with the location and date sketched.

Eric passed away in 1978 but his family came across some of his sketch pads some 40 years later. Those from 1925/6 are mainly of Lancashire and Yorkshire, later drawings are mostly Shropshire, although there’s the odd surprise here and there.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through these pictures of time gone by, and that Eric’s sketches bring you as much pleasure as they have for his family.


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